struct SCStatesMsgPayload
#include <SCStatesMsgPayload.h>

This structure is used in the messaging system to communicate what the state of the vehicle is currently.

Public Members

double r_BN_N[3]

m Current position vector (inertial)

double v_BN_N[3]

m/s Current velocity vector (inertial)

double r_CN_N[3]

m Current position of CoM vector (inertial)

double v_CN_N[3]

m/s Current velocity of CoM vector (inertial)

double sigma_BN[3]

&#8212; Current MRPs (inertial)

double omega_BN_B[3]

r/s Current angular velocity

double omegaDot_BN_B[3]

r/s/s Current angular acceleration

double TotalAccumDVBdy[3]

m/s Accumulated DV of center of mass in body frame coordinates

double TotalAccumDV_BN_B[3]

m/s Accumulated DV of body frame in body frame coordinates

double TotalAccumDV_CN_N[3]

m/s Accumulated DV of center of mass in inertial frame coordinates

double nonConservativeAccelpntB_B[3]

m/s/s Current Spacecraft non-conservative body frame accel

uint64_t MRPSwitchCount

&#8212; Number of times that MRPs have switched