Learning BasiliskΒΆ

This guide provides a convenient location to learn about the fundamentals of the Basilisk (BSK) astrodynamics simulation framework, how to program a spacecraft simulation in BSK, as well as how to code modules. These sections are presented started with basic fundamentals and then become more detailed.

Further, complete simulation examples are presented in the Integrated Example Scripts section. They are a convenient source to see how particular modules are used in an integrated manner. Next, most modules contain a _UnitTest sub-folder which contains one or more test scripts to check the functions of a module. This too can be a good source of information on how to setup and use a particular module.

Information about the various modules or architecture files are found in Documentation. Here the basic module functionality is summarized and all input and output messages are listed.

Finally, there is the source-code itself. That is always the ultimate guide to see what a module is doing.