struct CameraConfigMsgPayload
#include <CameraConfigMsgPayload.h>

Structure used to define the camera parameters.

Public Members

int64_t cameraID

[-] ID of the camera that took the snapshot*/

int isOn

The camera is taking images at rendering rate if 1, 0 if not*/.

char parentName[MAX_STRING_LENGTH]

[-] Name of the parent body to which the camera should be attached

double fieldOfView

[rad] Camera Field of View, edge-to-edge along camera y-axis */

int resolution[2]

[-] Camera resolution, width/height in pixels (pixelWidth/pixelHeight in Unity) in pixels*/

uint64_t renderRate

[ns] Frame time interval at which to capture images in units of nanosecond */

double cameraPos_B[3]

[m] Camera position in body frame */

double sigma_CB[3]

[-] MRP defining the orientation of the camera frame relative to the body frame */


string containing the star field preference

int postProcessingOn

(Optional) Enable post-processing of camera image. Value of 0 (protobuffer default) to use viz default which is off, -1 for false, 1 for true

double ppFocusDistance

(Optional) Distance to the point of focus, minimum value of 0.1, Value of 0 to turn off this parameter entirely.

double ppAperture

(Optional) Ratio of the aperture (known as f-stop or f-number). The smaller the value is, the shallower the depth of field is. Valid Setting Range: 0.05 to 32. Value of 0 to turn off this parameter entirely.

double ppFocalLength

[m] (Optional) Valid setting range: 0.001m to 0.3m. Value of 0 to turn off this parameter entirely.

int ppMaxBlurSize

(Optional) Convolution kernel size of the bokeh filter, which determines the maximum radius of bokeh. It also affects the performance (the larger the kernel is, the longer the GPU time is required). Depth textures Value of 1 for Small, 2 for Medium, 3 for Large, 4 for Extra Large. Value of 0 to turn off this parameter entirely.

int updateCameraParameters

If true, commands camera to update Instrument Camera to current message’s parameters.

int renderMode

(Optional) Value of 0 to render visual image (default), value of 1 to render depth buffer to image

double depthMapClippingPlanes[2]

(Optional) [m] Set the bounds of rendered depth map by setting the near and far clipping planes when in renderMode=1 (depthMap mode). Default values of 0.1 and 100.