struct CameraConfigMsgPayload
#include <CameraConfigMsgPayload.h>

Structure used to define the camera parameters.

Public Members

int64_t cameraID

[-] ID of the camera that took the snapshot*/

int isOn

The camera is taking images at rendering rate if 1, 0 if not*/.

char parentName[MAX_STRING_LENGTH]

[-] Name of the parent body to which the camera should be attached

double fieldOfView

[rad] Camera Field of View, edge-to-edge along camera y-axis */

int resolution[2]

[-] Camera resolution, width/height in pixels (pixelWidth/pixelHeight in Unity) in pixels*/

uint64_t renderRate

[ns] Frame time interval at which to capture images in units of nanosecond */

double cameraPos_B[3]

[m] Camera position in body frame */

double sigma_CB[3]

[-] MRP defining the orientation of the camera frame relative to the body frame */


string containing the star field preference