struct PyBatteryMsgPayload
#include <PyBatteryMsgPayload.h>

Container for all battery output data.

This structure contains all data output by the python battery module

Public Members

double stateOfCharge

[%] Battery state of charge as %-full

double stateOfChargeAh

[Ah] Battery state of charge un-scaled

double solarArrayTemperature

[K] Temperature of solar arrays

double busVoltage

[V] Bus voltage

double batteryCurrent

[A] Total current flowing through battery

double solarArrayCurrent

[A] Current sent to battery from solar arrays

double batteryEMF

[V] Electro-motive force of battery at this current form look-up table

double batteryESR

[Ohms] Equivalent Series Resistance of battery from look-up table

double batteryVoltage

[V] total voltage across battery