struct OpNavCirclesMsgPayload
#include <OpNavCirclesMsgPayload.h>

Structure used to define circles processed from image.

Public Members

uint64_t timeTag

&#8212;[ns] Current vehicle time-tag associated with measurements

int valid

&#8212; Valid measurement if 1, not if 0

int64_t cameraID

&#8212; [-] ID of the camera that took the snapshot

double planetIds[MAX_CIRCLE_NUM]

&#8212; [-] Ids for identified celestial bodies

double circlesCenters[2 * MAX_CIRCLE_NUM]

&#8212; [-] Center x, y in pixels of the circles

double circlesRadii[MAX_CIRCLE_NUM]

&#8212; [-] Radius rho in pixels of the circles

double uncertainty[3 * 3]

&#8212; [-] Uncertainty about the image processing results for x, y, rho (center and radius) for main circle