Module: dynamicObject

Object that is to be used by an integrator. This holds the equations of motion, integrate state, energy and momentum calculations. Module: dynamicObject is what puts all of the pieces together for your system

class DynamicObject : public SysModel
#include <dynamicObject.h>

dynamic object class

Public Functions


&#8212; Constructor

This is the constructor, just setting the variables to zero

virtual ~DynamicObject()

&#8212; Destructor

This is the destructor, nothing to report here

virtual void initializeDynamics()

&#8212; Initializes the dynamics and variables

This method initializes the stateEffectors and dynamicEffectors and links the necessarry components together

virtual void computeEnergyMomentum(double t)

&#8212; Method to compute energy and momentum of the system

This method allows a dynamicObject to compute energy and momentum. Great for sim validation purposes

virtual void UpdateState(uint64_t callTime) = 0

&#8212; This hooks the dyn-object into Basilisk architecture

virtual void equationsOfMotion(double t, double timeStep) = 0

&#8212; This is computing F = Xdot(X,t)

virtual void integrateState(double t) = 0

&#8212; This method steps the state forward in time

void setIntegrator(StateVecIntegrator *newIntegrator)

&#8212; Sets a new integrator

This method changes the integrator in use (Default integrator: RK4)

Public Members

DynParamManager dynManager

&#8212; Dynamics parameter manager for all effectors

StateVecIntegrator *integrator

&#8212; Integrator used to propagate state forward

BSKLogger bskLogger

&#8212; BSK Logging