Module: dynamicEffector

Abstract class that is used to implement an effector impacting a dynamic body that does not itself maintain a state or represent a changing component of the body (for example: gravity, thrusters, SRP, etc.)

class DynamicEffector
#include <dynamicEffector.h>

dynamic effector class

Public Functions


&#8212; Constructor

This is the constructor, just setting the variables to zero

virtual ~DynamicEffector()

&#8212; Destructor

This is the destructor, nothing to report here

virtual void computeStateContribution(double integTime)

This method is an optional method by a dynamic effector and allows the dynamics effector to add direct contributions to a state effector derivative. Example - a thruster’s mDot will impact a fuel tanks total mDot

virtual void linkInStates(DynParamManager &states) = 0

&#8212; Method to get access to other states/stateEffectors

virtual void computeForceTorque(double integTime, double timeStep) = 0

&#8212; Method to computeForce and torque on the body

Public Members

Eigen::VectorXd stateDerivContribution

&#8212; DynamicEffectors contribution to a stateEffector

Eigen::Vector3d forceExternal_N = Eigen::Vector3d::Zero()

[N] External force applied by this effector in inertial components

Eigen::Vector3d forceExternal_B = Eigen::Vector3d::Zero()

[N] External force applied by this effector in body frame components

Eigen::Vector3d torqueExternalPntB_B = Eigen::Vector3d::Zero()

[Nm] External torque applied by this effector

BSKLogger bskLogger

&#8212; BSK Logging