Module: stateVecIntegrator

Base clase for every StateVecIntegrator. For creating a new StateVecIntegrator, inherit this class and override the integrate() method. integrate() only needs to advance one time step. DO NOT CHANGE THIS CLASS, if possible.

class StateVecIntegrator
#include <stateVecIntegrator.h>

state vector integrator class

Subclassed by svIntegratorRungeKutta< 4 >, svIntegratorRungeKutta< numberStages >

Public Functions

StateVecIntegrator(DynamicObject *dynIn)


virtual ~StateVecIntegrator(void)


virtual void integrate(double currentTime, double timeStep) = 0

class method

Public Members

std::vector<DynamicObject*> dynPtrs

This is an object that contains the method equationsOfMotion(), also known as the F function.