Basilisk base system model class.

class SysModel
#include <sys_model.h>

Simulation System Model Class.

Public Functions

SysModel(const SysModel &obj)

constructor definition

virtual ~SysModel()
virtual void SelfInit()

&#8212; initialize the module, create messages

virtual void IntegratedInit()

&#8212; ???

virtual void UpdateState(uint64_t CurrentSimNanos)

&#8212; What the module does each time step

virtual void Reset(uint64_t CurrentSimNanos)

&#8212; Reset module to specified time

Public Members

std::string ModelTag

&#8212; name for the algorithm to base off of

uint64_t CallCounts = 0

&#8212; Counts on the model being called

uint32_t RNGSeed

&#8212; Giving everyone a random seed for ease of MC

int64_t moduleID

&#8212; Module ID for this module (handed out by module_id_generator)