test_unitFacetSRPDynamicEffector.test_facetSRPTestFunction(show_plots, facetRotAngle1, facetRotAngle2)[source]

Validation Test Description

The unit test for this module ensures that the calculated Solar Radiation Pressure (SRP) force and torque acting on the spacecraft about the body-fixed point B is properly computed for either a static spacecraft or a spacecraft with any number of articulating facets. The spacecraft geometry defined in this test consists of a cubic hub and two circular solar arrays. Six static square facets represent the cubic hub and four articulated circular facets describe the articulating solar arrays. To validate the module functionality, the final SRP force simulation value is checked with the true value computed in python.

Test Parameters

  • show_plots (bool) – (True) Show plots, (False) Do not show plots

  • facetRotAngle1 (double) – [rad] Articulation angle for facets 7 and 8 (solar panel 1)

  • facetRotAngle2 (double) – [rad] Articulation angle for facets 9 and 10 (solar panel 2)