Module: THRSimConfig

struct THRSimConfig
#include <THRSimConfig.h>

Container for overall thruster configuration data for single thruster.

This structure is used to define the overall configuration of an entire thruster. It holds the current operational data for the thruster, the ramp/max/min configuration data, and the physical location/orientation data for a thruster.

Public Members

Eigen::Vector3d thrLoc_B

[m] Thruster location expressed in body

Eigen::Vector3d thrDir_B

[-] Thruster force direction unit vector in body

std::vector<THRTimePair> ThrusterOnRamp

&#8212; Percentage of max thrust for ramp up

std::vector<THRTimePair> ThrusterOffRamp

&#8212; Percentage of max thrust for ramp down

double areaNozzle

[m^2] Area of nozzle

double MaxThrust

[N] Steady state thrust of thruster

double steadyIsp

[s] Steady state specific impulse of thruster

double MinOnTime

s Minimum allowable on-time

THROperation ThrustOps

&#8212; Thruster operating data

double thrusterMagDisp

&#8212; Percentage of magnitude dispersion

std::vector<double> thrusterDirectionDisp

&#8212; Unit vector of dispersed thruster pointing

bool updateOnly = true

&#8212; Use update only calculations

char label[10]

[-], label name of the TH device being simulated

double cutoffFrequency

[rad/s] cutoff frequency for first-order behavior

double MaxSwirlTorque

[Nm] Steady state magnitude of the swirl torque produced by ionic thrusters