Module: THROperation

struct THROperation
#include <THROperation.h>

Container for current operational data of a given thruster.

This structure is used to determine the current state of a given thruster. It defines where in the cycle the thruster is and how much longer it should be on for. It is intended to have the previous firing remain resident for logging

Public Members

uint64_t fireCounter

(-) Number of times thruster fired

double ThrustFactor

&#8212; Current Thrust Percentage

double IspFactor

&#8212; Current fractional ISP

double ThrustOnCmd

s Time Thruster was requested

double totalOnTime

s Total amount of time thruster has fired

double opThrustForce_B[3] = {0}

N Thrust force vector in body frame components.

double opThrustTorquePntB_B[3] = {0}

N-m Thrust torque about point B in body frame components.

double ThrustOnRampTime

s Time thruster has been on for

double ThrustOnSteadyTime

s Time thruster has been on steady

double ThrustOffRampTime

s Time thruster has been turning off

double ThrusterStartTime

s Time thruster has been executing total

double PreviousIterTime

s Previous thruster int time

double ThrusterEndTime

s Time thruster stops burning