Module: hingedBodyLinearProfiler

Executive Summary

Linear deployment profiler for single hinged rigid body.

Message Connection Descriptions

The following table lists all the module input and output messages. The module msg connection is set by the user from python. The msg type contains a link to the message structure definition, while the description provides information on what this message is used for.

Module I/O Messages

Msg Variable Name

Msg Type




Output message for reference hinged rigid body state

Detailed Model Description

This module provides a reference angle and angle rate for a linear deployment of a single hinged rigid body. The user sets a start and stop time, as well as a start and stop angle, and the reference angle and angle rate are calculated for a linear deployment.

User Guide

This section contains a conceptual overview of the code and an example for the prospective user.

Module Setup

The interface module is created in python using:

1testModule = hingedBodyLinearProfiler.HingedBodyLinearProfiler()
2testModule.ModelTag = "deploymentProfiler"

The deployment is defined by four parameters, the starting and ending times and angles. An error will occur if the delta between start and end time is not positive.

A sample setup is done using:

1from Basilisk.utilities import macros
2from math import pi
4testModule.startTime = macros.sec2nano(30) # [ns] start the deployment 30 seconds into the simulation
5testModule.endTime = macros.sec2nano(330) # [ns] continue deploying for 300 seconds
6testModule.startTheta = 0 # [rad] starting angle in radians
7testModule.endTheta = 10*pi/180 # [rad] ending angle is 10 degrees in the positive direction as defined by hinged rigid body frame

class HingedBodyLinearProfiler : public SysModel
#include <hingedBodyLinearProfiler.h>

Linear deployment profiler for single hinged rigid body.

Public Functions


This is the constructor for the module class. It sets default variable values and initializes the various parts of the model


Module Destructor

void Reset(uint64_t CurrentSimNanos)

This method is used to reset the module and checks that required input messages are connected.



void UpdateState(uint64_t CurrentSimNanos)

This is the main method that gets called every time the module is updated. Outputs a reference theta and theta dot based on the current simulation time relative to the start and stop times for the linear deployment.



Public Members

uint64_t startTime

[ns] time to begin deployment

uint64_t endTime

[ns] time to end deployment

double startTheta

[rad] starting hinged rigid body theta position

double endTheta

[rad] ending hinged rigid body theta position

Message<HingedRigidBodyMsgPayload> hingedRigidBodyReferenceOutMsg

&#8212; output message for reference hinged rigid body state (theta, theta dot)

BSKLogger bskLogger

&#8212; BSK Logging

Private Members

double deploymentSlope

[rad/s] slope of deployment