test_dataFileToViz.test_module(show_plots, convertPosUnits, attType, checkThruster, checkRW)[source]

Validation Test Description

This section describes the specific unit tests conducted on this module. The test reads in simulation from data.txt, run the module, and compares the Basilisk spacecraft state messages with known values.

  • convertPosUnits (double) – If positive, then this conversion factor is set. If negative, then the default value of 1000. is checked.

  • attType (int) – -1 (use default), 0 (MRP), 1 (quaternion), 2 (3-2-1 Euler Angles)

  • checkThruster (bool) – flag to check for simulation data with thrusters

  • checkRW (bool) – flag to check for simulation data with RW information

Description of Variables Being Tested

In this file, we are checking the values of the spacecraft state output message for both spacecraft:

  • r_BN_N[3]

  • sigma_BN[3]

  • thrustForce

which is pulled from the log data to see if they match with the expected truth values.