test_sensorThermal.test_sensorThermal(show_plots, accuracy)[source]

Validation Test Description

This unit test script tests the temperature modeling of a sensor with an insulated back and a power input as it radiates to the outside environment and takes in heat from the sun. This module tests temperature change in three separate cases:

  • Zero: The starting temperature is zero degrees Celsius.

  • Hot: The starting temperature is the converged hot temperature case at approximately 98 degrees Celsius.

  • Cold: the starting temperature is the converged cold temperature case at approximately -75 degrees Celsius.

The thermal sensor is set to match the parameters in scenarioSensorThermal.py, which assumes a 2 kg aluminum sensor with the reflectivity and absorptivity coefficients of kapton tape. The sensor is in orbit about the Earth and is set to point directly in the direction of the sun.

Test Parameters


accuracy (float) – absolute accuracy value used in the validation tests

Description of Variables Being Tested

In this file we are checking the values of the variables

  • sensorTemp

which represents the temperature of the sensor. This array is compared to the truthTemp array, which contains the true values of the temperature.