test_unitReactionWheelPower.test_module(show_plots, setRwMsg, setDeviceStatusMsg, setEta_e2m, OmegaValue, setEta_m2c, accuracy)[source]

Validation Test Description

This unit test checks the output of the RW power module. Only the power module is created, and all required input messages are created from python. The tests consider both default behavior and manually setting behavior.

Test Parameters

The test parameters are described below. All possible permutations of these cases are tests.

  • show_plots – flag if plots should be shown. Not used in this script.

  • setRwMsg – [bool] flag if the RW state message should be set. If not then a warning is created and the output message should be 0

  • setDeviceStatusMsg

    [int] flag to check if a device is on or off. If this msg is not set the device should default to being on. The options include:

    • 0, use default behavior,

    • 1, set msg and turn device off,

    • 2, set msg and turn device on

  • setEta_e2m – [bool] to specify a conversion efficiency from electrical to mechanical power

  • OmegaValue – [RPM] specifies the RW wheel speed to either positive or negative values

  • setEta_m2c

    [int] flag to set the mechanical to electrical conversion efficiency when breaking the RW. The cases include:

    • 0, default case of -1 turning of energy recovery,

    • 1, set the efficiency to zero,

    • 2, set the efficiency to 0.5

  • accuracy – [float] accuracy used when compute actual to truth power requirement



Description of Variables Being Tested

In each case the module output power value is check against a python evaluated truth value.