Creating the HTML Basilisk Documentation using Sphinx/Doxygen

Documentation Description

The Sphinx and Doxygen software packages provide an elegant method to both include code explanations, definitions and module documentation, but also to create a full HTML based documentation folder for a software project. An online copy of this HTML documentation is hosted at AVS Basilisk web site with the Documentation page.


Requirements to Create Local Copy of HTML Documentation

You either need to have a command line version of Doxygen installed or your system. The Doxygen download page contains a range of pre-compiled binaries for many different platforms.

On macOS the Homebrew tool is also a very convenient method to install Doxygen by typing in the terminal:

brew install doxygen

The BSK Doxygen setup file has the flab HAVE_DOT set to true. This allows for the HTML class description images to be vector SVG images. Further, these images are interactive and embed hyperlinks to other related BSK classes. As a result, make sure that the GraphViz tool is installed and availabe in the default path. On macOS using Homebrew you can simply type:

brew install graphviz

to install this tool.

The following python packages must be installed via pip:

pip3 install --user sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme breathe recommonmark

Making the HTML Documentation Folder

To create the HTML documentation with all the associated scenario figures, be sure to run pytest first from within the /src directory.

Next, in a terminal window switch to the docs folder:

cd docs

Finally, type the following command to build the HTML documenation:

make html

The final html documenation folder is stored in docs/build/html.