FAQ: Microsoft Windows

The following Frequency Answer Questions are specific for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

  1. I’m having trouble running pytest on Windows from within the src directory.

    It is recommended to run the pytest-xdist version which allows multi-threaded executions using pytest -n 8 for 8 threads, for example. See Installing Optional Packages for more information on installing pytest-xdist.

  2. I have upgraded to Basilisk version 1.8.0 or newer and I’m following the revised build process. However, I’m seeing warnings in the terminal window saying I don’t have the correct python packages installed when I know that I do, and error messages about conan commands.

    You are likely installed conan using the binary download link from the conan web site. This installs a self-contained binary, including it’s own copy of Python. With 1.8.0 and higher it is recommended to avoid installing the conan binary and using pip install conan instead. This ensures that the conan, and associated support packages, are installed for the particular version of python that you want to run.