The latest Vizard application binaries binaries can be directly downloaded using the following links:


The custom Unity asset loading requires Vizard v2.1.1 or later.


The newer version of Linux use a new GUI library that is not supported by the Vizard File Browser plug-in currently. If you can’t select files to open in the GUI then use the loadFile command line option discussed in Command Line Launching

The following optional downloads contain models for a range space objects that are too large to include in the main Vizard binary. You download the desired binaries for the platform you are using and put them in a specific file location. On start-up, Vizard checks for their presence and will load in the space object model if needed.

The bundles depend on the Unity version used to build Vizard. After opening Vizard, go to File/About Vizard to see what version of Unity was used to build the application. Select the appropriate year in the download table.

The bundle must be installed in specific directories on each platform. On macOS install the bundle in:

~/Library/Application Support/Vizard/Vizard/Resources/CustomModels

On Linux, install the bundle contents in:


On Window, install the bundle contents in:


Download the platform specific bundles file, unzip it, and move the contents to the CustomModels folder.


Vizard does not support sub-folders in the CustomModels folder. All Unity asset files should be directly installed in the CustomModels folder.

Unity 2020 Asset Download (Vizard 2.1.1 - current)

Asset Name



Asteroid model package including high fidelity models of Bennu, Ryugu, Itokawa, as well as some generic asteroid models




Martian Moons

Package including models for Phobos and Deimos