Basilisk Module Checkout List

This documents contains a series of action items that should be checked before a Basilisk (BSK) module is approved.

Branch Must Be Up to Date

Make sure the branch is up to date and rebased on the latest develop code before a pull request is made.

Building Basilisk and Testing

  • Do a clean build of Basilisk and make sure all code compiles as expected (see FAQ on how to do a clean build)

  • From the src directory, run pytest and ensure all tests are passing as expected (see Installing Optional Packages for info on installing and running pytest)

Style and Formatting

Module Programming

  • Are all module input and output messages Swig’d in the module *.i file

  • Does the code contain appropriate general comments

  • Does the code contain Doxygen compatible function descriptions, variable definitions, etc.

  • Module startup and initialization

    • The SelfInit() routine should declare the module output messages

    • The CrossInit() routine should subscribe to the module input messages

    • The Reset() in the FSW modules should reset all the default module configuration parameters.

  • Is the module using the bskLogging Basilisk logging function? A general support library, i.e. non-Basilisk module, should use BSK_PRINT() instead.

Module Documentation

Does the module contain a restructured text documentation file xxxx.rst, where xxxx should be the same name as the module C or C++ file name. The Module: cModuleTemplate module contains a sample documentation set for a Basilisk module. The required sections include:

  • Executive Summary

  • Module Assumptions and Limitations

  • Message Connection Descriptions

  • User Guide

The section Detailed Module Description is optional and used if there is extensive functionality and modeling to discuss.

As part of the code checkout build and test the associated documentation (see Creating the HTML Basilisk Documentation using Sphinx/Doxygen).

Module Functionality Testing

Is a _UnitTest folder included that:

  • includes a python file name starting withtest_

  • provides a test method that starts with test_xxxx()

  • contains sufficient comments within the test file to explain what is done

  • only uses the test module (if possible), and creates the various required input messages

  • checks the module output for all input and module configuration conditions

  • performs the validation checking against either custom-computed results in other programs (Matlab, Mathematica, hand calculation), live Python computed results, or against expected simulation data (consistency checking)

  • can also be run with the python command instead of pytest (by updating the __main()__ function at the bottom of the python file)

Module Integrated Test

If an integrated test is provided as a file. Does this test method have a complete description of what is being tested? The file contains a template illustrating the expected information. Required sections include

  • Validation Test Description

  • Test Parameter Discussion

  • Description of variables being tested

See the FAQ on how to run generate an html validation report using pytest --report. Note that it is ok to just run this report for the module being tested.

Update Release Notes

Update the Basilisk Release Notes at /docs/source/Support/User/bskReleaseNotes.rst to include information about the new features being added.