class simIncludeThruster.thrusterFactory[source]

Bases: object

Simulation Thruster Factory Class

addToSpacecraft(modelTag, thDynamicEffector, sc)[source]

This function should be called after all Thruster devices are created with create() It creates the C-class container for the array of TH devices, and attaches this container to the spacecraft object

  • modelTag (string) – module model tag string

  • thDynamicEffector (thrusterDynamicEffector) – thruster dynamic effector handle

  • sc (spacecraft) –

create(thrusterType, r_B, tHat_B, **kwargs)[source]

This function is called to setup a thruster device in python, and adds it to the of thruster factory in thrusterList{}. The function returns a copy of the device that can be changed if needed. The first 3 arguments are required, the remaining arguments are optional with:

  • thrusterType (string) – thruster manufacturing name.:

  • r_B (list) – vector with thruster location in B-frame components:

  • tHat_B (list) – vector with thruster force direction unit vector:

  • kwargs

    useMinPulseTime: BOOL

    flag if the thruster model should use a minimum impulse time

    areaNozzle: float

    thruster nozzle exhaust cone exit area

    steadyIsp: float

    thruster fuel efficiency in Isp (seconds)

    MaxThrust: float

    maximum thruster force in Newtons

    thrusterMagDisp: float

    thruster dispersion percentage

    MinOnTime: float

    thruster minimum on time


Returns a FSW THRArrayConfigMsg reflecting the current thruster setup.




Returns the number of RW devices setup.


number of thruster devices