class simIncludeRW.rwFactory[source]

Bases: object

Reaction Wheel Factory Class



RW Information Source:

Not complete; fields not listed are estimates.


RW – reaction wheel configuration message


addToSpacecraft(modelTag, rwStateEffector, sc)[source]

This function should be called after all RW devices are created with createRW() It creates the C-class container for the array of RW devices, and attaches this container to the spacecraft object

:param : :type : param modelTag: string with the model tag :param : :type : param rwStateEffector: :param : :type : param sc: spacecraft object

create(rwType, gsHat_B, **kwargs)[source]

This function is called to setup a RW device in python, and adds it to the RW factory list rwList{}. The function returns a copy of the device that can be changed if needed. The first 2 arguments are required, the remaining arguments are optional with:

  • rwType (string) – RW manufacturing name.

  • gsHat_B (list) – Spin axis unit vector gsHat in B-frame components

  • kwargs – Omega : initial RW speed in RPM Omega_max : maximum RW speed in RPM rWB_B : 3x1 list of RW center of mass position coordinates RWModel : RW model type such as BalancedWheels, JitterSimple and JitterFullyCoupled useRWfriction : BOOL to turn on RW internal wheel friction useMinTorque : BOOL to clip any torque below a minimum torque value useMaxTorque : BOOL to clip any torque value above a maximum torque value u_max: double with the maximum RW motor torque maxMomentum : maximum RW wheel momentum in Nms. This is a required variable for some wheels. label : string with the unique device name, must be 5 characters or less fCoulomb: double for the Coulomb friction torque model fStatic: double for Static friction torque magnitude betaStatic: double for Stribeck friction coefficient, positive turns Stribeck friction on, negative turns this friction off cViscous: double for Viscous friction coefficient


RWConfigSimMsg – A handle to the RW configuration message

Return type

message structure


Creates an empty reaction wheel configuration message. This assumes the user provided the RW maximum speed and maximum angular momentum information.


RW – reaction wheel configuration message



Returns a FSW reaction wheel configuration message based on the current setup.




Returns the number of RW devices setup.

Return type

return: int

setGsHat(RW, gsHat_B)[source]

Function to set the gsHat_B RW spin axis vector. This function automatically computes to companion transfer axes to complete a wheel reference frame.

  • RW

  • gsHat_B