class ModuleIdGenerator
#include <moduleIdGenerator.h>

module ID generating class

Public Functions

int64_t checkoutModuleID()

This method assigns a module ID to a new module and increments the NextModuleID counter


uint64_t nextModuleID the newly minted module ID

Public Static Functions

static ModuleIdGenerator *GetInstance()

&#8212; Assigns next integer module ID

This gives a pointer to the messaging system to whoever asks for it.


ModuleIdGenerator* TheInstance

Private Functions


This constructor for ModuleIdGenerator initializes things


This desturctor for ModuleIdGenerator free memory

inline ModuleIdGenerator(ModuleIdGenerator const&)
inline ModuleIdGenerator &operator=(ModuleIdGenerator const&)

Private Members

int64_t nextModuleID

&#8212; returns a pointer to the sim instance of ModuleIdGenerator

the next module ID to give out when a module (SysModel sub-class) comes online

Private Static Attributes

static ModuleIdGenerator *TheInstance = NULL

instance of simulation module

This constructor for TheInstance just sets it NULL