Discusses how to use guidance modules to point a particular spacecraft axis towards an Earth fixed location, Boulder in this example. This script sets up a 6-DOF spacecraft which is orbiting the Earth.

The script is found in the folder basilisk/examples and executed by using:


The simulation uses Module: groundLocation to create an output message with Boulder’s inertial position. This is fed to the 2D pointing module Module: locationPointing which directs the 3rd body axis to point towards Boulder.

Illustration of Simulation Results

show_plots = True

The following 2 plots illustrate the 2D pointing error and the external attitude control torque vector components.

scenarioAttLocPoint.plot_attitude_error(timeLineSet, dataSigmaBR)[source]

Plot the attitude result.

scenarioAttLocPoint.plot_control_torque(timeLineSet, dataLr)[source]

Plot the control torque response.

scenarioAttLocPoint.plot_rate_error(timeLineSet, dataOmegaBR)[source]

Plot the body angular velocity tracking error.[source]

The scenarios can be run with the followings setups parameters:


show_plots (bool) – Determines if the script should display plots