Download Source CodeΒΆ


The Basilisk software framework source code is openly hosted on Go to, log in with your Bitbucket account and download (see below) or fork a copy of the Basilisk code. As this is the raw source code, you need to next install and compile the code before you can run it.

The Basilisk frameworked is developed using the Git version control system. The following directions explain how to clone or pull a copy from the repository.

  1. If needed, create your own account

  2. Use a browser to go to the Basilisk Bitbucket Repository

  3. Click on the Clone button on this page, and select the https option instead of the ssh option

  4. Copy the project url (omit git clone) from the bitbucket clone panel

  5. Clone into preferred Git client (Source Tree for instance), or just clone the repository in the directory containing Basilisk. In SourceTree, use clone from url, add the Basilisk repository url (without .git on the end), and select develop branch to pull the latest code.