test_simpleMassProps.test_module(show_plots, accuracy)[source]

Validation Test Description

This unit test compares the output of the type vehicleConfigMsg with the input of the type scMassPropsMsg. For the test, a scMAssPropsMAsgPayload message is created and populated with certain mass, inertia and center of mass values. The simulation is run for one time step, and then the mass properties of the input message are changed again. The simulation is run again for one time step, and then the output message mass properties are compared to the values that were set at each simulation step.

Test Parameters

Only the accuracy variable is set as an input to the test function. ITs default value is 1e-8.


accuracy (float) – absolute accuracy value used in the validation tests

Description of Variables Being Tested

The parameters being checked correspond to the variables inside the vehicleConfigMsgPayload type message:

  • massSc: total mass of the spacecraft

  • ISCPntB_B[9]: total inertia of the spacecraft with respect to the origin of the B frame in B frame components

  • CoM_B: spacecraft’s center of mass expressed in the B frame