test_unitSimpleSolarPanel.test_simpleSolarPanel(show_plots, orbitDistance, eclipseValue, scAttitude)[source]

Validation Test Description

Unit test for simpleSolarPanel. The unit test specifically covers:

  1. Shadowing: Does the panel correctly reflect shadowing from eclipse or attitude?

    This is tested by setting an eclipse value to either 0 or 1 and verifying that the panel produces power or not.

  2. Attitude dependence: Does the spacecraft power output correctly evaluate given the spacecraft attitude?

    This is tested at three values of the attitude corresponding to sun-facing, a 60 degree rotation away from the sun (half power), and a 90 degree rotation away from the sun (expected power).

  3. Orbit dependence: Does distance from the sun impact power generation?

    This is evaluated by testing the solar panel at both Earth (1AU) and Mars (1.52 AU) to see whether power production drops.

Nominal power generation when face-on towards the Sun at earth is set to be 1372.5398 W, which assumes a 1m^2 solar panel that operates at perfect efficiency.