Module: simplePowerSink

Executive Summary

This module is intended to serve as a basic power node with a constant power load or draw. Specifically, it:

  1. Writes out a PowerNodeUsageMsgPayload describing its power consumption at each sim update based on its power consumption attribute;

  2. Can be switched on or off using an optional message of type DeviceStatusMsgPayload.

Module Assumptions and Limitations

See Module: powerNodeBase class for inherited assumption and limitations. The power draw or supply for this module is assumed to be constant.

Message Connection Descriptions

This module only uses the input and output messages of the Module: powerNodeBase base class.

User Guide

This module inherits the user guide from the Module: powerNodeBase base class.

For more information on how to set up and use this module, see the simple power system example: scenarioPowerDemo

class SimplePowerSink : public PowerNodeBase
#include <simplePowerSink.h>

simple power sink class

Public Functions


Constructor, which sets the default nodePowerOut to zero.


Private Functions

void evaluatePowerModel(PowerNodeUsageMsgPayload *powerUsageMsg)

Loads the nodePowerOut attribute into the powerUsageSimMessage instance.