test_solarFlux.test_solarFlux(show_plots, positionFactor, shadowFactor, eclipseMsgName, relTol)[source]

Test Description

Test that solar flux is appropriately modified depending on spacecraft distance from the sun. To test this, the module is asked to write the solar flux at 1 AU. Then it is asked to write the flux at positionFactor*AU and the flux is checked to be positionFactor**2 of that at 1 AU to within a relative tolerance of relTol. The application of the shadowFactor is also checked as a multiple of the un-shadowed flux.

  • positionFactor (float) – positive, a factor by which to multiply the original s/c position to check flux at a new position

  • shadowFactor (float) – between 0 and 1, the eclipse factor by which to multiple the solar flux at a position

  • relTol (float) – positive, the relative tolerance to which the result is checked.