test_dentonFluxModel.dentonFluxModelTestFunction(show_plots, param1_Kp, param2_LT, param3_z, param4_r_EN, accuracy)[source]

Test method

test_dentonFluxModel.test_dentonFluxModel(show_plots, param1_Kp, param2_LT, param3_z, param4_r_EN, accuracy)[source]

Validation Test Description

The Denton Flux Module is tested for several different Kp indices, local times, and spacecraft/Sun/Earth positions

Test Parameters

  • show_plots (bool) – specify if plots should be shown

  • param1_Kp (str) – Kp Index

  • param2_LT (float) – Local Time (use 2 decimals)

  • param3_z (float) – z-offset to test spacecraft and Sun position with offset to equatorial plane

  • param4_r_EN (float np.array) – r_EN_N position vector of Earth w.r.t. N frame, in N frame components

  • accuracy (float) – absolute accuracy value used in the validation tests

Description of Variables Being Tested

The electron and ion energies are compared to make sure the flux data is computed for the same energy. The main part of the unitTest is to compare the electron and ion flux.