test_unitTestTabularAtmosphere.test_tabularAtmosphere(altitude, accuracy, useMinReach, useMaxReach)[source]

Validation Test Description

TabularAtmosphere interpolates from user-provided data to compute density and temperature at the current s/c altitude. The unit test checks altitudes at, between, above, and below the values included in the table. This test uses a python helper function to provide data from EarthGRAM (see supportDataAtmosphereDatasupport). Data lists can also be manually-input, but check sorting and units per documentation and support info (above). The module returns 0 for both density and temperature if ANY ONE of the following conditions is met:

  • altitude below minimum value in provided table

  • altitude above maximum value in provided table

  • altitude below envMinReach

  • altitude above envMaxReach

Note that this results in nonphysical behavior for temperature (absolute zero) when outside defined range.

Test Parameters


  • altitude (float): Spacecraft altitude for which density, temperature are returned

  • accuracy (float): accuracy value used in validation tests

  • useMinReach (bool): set value of envMinReach

  • useMaxReach (bool): set value of envMaxReach

Description of Variables Being Tested

The unit test checks density (kg/m^3) and temperature (K) against their expected values:

  • densData[0]

  • tempData[0]