test_reactionWheelStateEffector_RWUpdate.test_RWUpdate(show_plots, accuracy)[source]

Validation Test Description

The objective of this script is to test the functionality of changing the reaction wheel (RW) characteristics while the simulation is running. It starts by testing the initial setup, and then does three additional tests: the first two change the maximum allowed torque and the final one changes the current wheel speeds and maximum allowed wheel speeds. All these tests rely on the fact that, when a maximum or minimum value is surpassed, the applied torque is capped accordingly.

As this test script is not parameterized, only one version of this script will run.

Description of Variables Being Tested

As discussed, in this file we check the values of the applied torque for each reaction wheel i:

  • rwStateEffector.rwOutMsgs[i].u_current

For ease of use, this data is stored in dataRW, which is then used to check if the tests are being passed.