Module: dynamicObject

Object that is to be used by an integrator. This holds the equations of motion, integrate state, energy and momentum calculations. Module: dynamicObject is what puts all of the pieces together for your system

class DynamicObject : public SysModel
#include <dynamicObject.h>

dynamic object class

Public Functions



This is the constructor, just setting the variables to zero

virtual ~DynamicObject()


This is the destructor, nothing to report here

virtual void initializeDynamics()

Initializes the dynamics and variables

This method initializes the stateEffectors and dynamicEffectors and links the necessarry components together

virtual void computeEnergyMomentum(double t)

Method to compute energy and momentum of the system

This method allows a dynamicObject to compute energy and momentum. Great for sim validation purposes

virtual void UpdateState(uint64_t callTime) = 0

This hooks the dyn-object into Basilisk architecture

virtual void equationsOfMotion(double t, double timeStep) = 0

This is computing F = Xdot(X,t)

virtual void integrateState(double t) = 0

This method steps the state forward in time

void setIntegrator(StateVecIntegrator *newIntegrator)

Sets a new integrator

This method changes the integrator in use (Default integrator: RK4)

Public Members

DynParamManager dynManager

Dynamics parameter manager for all effectors

StateVecIntegrator *integrator

Integrator used to propagate state forward

BSKLogger bskLogger

BSK Logging