Module: thrustGroupData

struct ThrustGroupData
#include <thrustGroupData.h>

Sub structure that contains all of the configuration data and output information for a single thruster group. There can be several thruster groups available in a single control scheme.

Public Members

double nomThrustOn

s The nominal thruster on-time for effectors

uint32_t maxNumCmds

  • The maximum number of commands to output

uint32_t numEffectors

  • The number of effectors we have access to

double minThrustRequest

  • The minimum allowable on-time for a thruster

double thrOnMap[3 * MAX_EFF_CNT]

  • Mapping between on-times and torque requests

THRArrayOnTimeCmdMsg_C thrOnTimeOutMsg

  • The name of the output message

THRArrayOnTimeCmdMsgPayload cmdRequests

  • The array of on-time command requests sent to thrusters