test_mrpFeedback.test_MRP_Feedback(show_plots, intGain, rwNum, integralLimit, useRwAvailability)[source]

Validation Test Description

The unit test for this module tests a set of gains \(K\), \(K_i\), \(P\) on a rigid body with no external torques, and with a fixed input reference attitude message. The torque requested by the controller is evaluated against python computed torques at 0s, 0.5s, 1s, 1.5s and 2s to within a tolerance of \(10^{-8}\). After 1s the simulation is stopped and the Reset() function is called to check that integral feedback related variables are properly reset. The following permutations are run:

  • The test is run for a case with error integration feedback (\(k_i\) is set to a negative value, resulting in a case with no integrator.

  • The RW array number is configured either to 4 or 0

  • The integral limit term is set to either 0 or 20

  • The RW availability message is tested in 3 manners. Either the availability message is not written where all wheels should default to being available. If the availability message is written, then the RWs are either zero to available or not available.

  • The control parameter \(\delta\omega_{0}\) is set to either a zero or non-zero vector

All permutations of these test cases are expected to pass.

Test Parameters

  • intGain (float) – value of the integral gain \(K_i\)

  • rwNum (int) – number of RW devices to simulate

  • integralLimit (float) – value of the integral limit

  • useRwAvailability (string) – Flag to not use RW availabillity (NO), use the availability message and turn on the RW devices (ON) and use the message and turn off the devices (OFF)