ASEN 6010:

Advanced Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

Overview Studies the dynamic modeling and control of spacecraft containing multiple momentum exchange devices, and/or flexible spacecraft components. Will develop feedback control algorithms, explore singularity avoidance strategies, and explore using analytical methods (Lagrange's equations, Boltzman Hamel equations) to model a hybrid rigid/flexible spacecraft system. Input shaped open-loop maneuvers are investigated to avoid large structural flexing. Pre: ASEN 5010 or equivalent, or permission of instructor (3H, 3C)
Class Time TR 8-9:15am
Location ECCS 1B14
Office Hours M 1:30-3:00pm, W 9:00-10:00am (or by appointment)
Syllabus ASEN 6010
Text Book H. Schaub and J. L. Junkins, Analytical Mechanics of Space Systems, AIAA Education Series, 3rd Edition, Reston, VA, 2014.