ASEN 3200:

Orbital Mechanics, Attitude Dynamics and Control

Overview Presents the fundamentals of orbital mechanics, 3D rigid body dynamics, and satellite attitude dynamics and controls. Prereqs., ASEN 2003, 2004, and APPM 2360 (min grade C). Restricted to ASEN majors. Offered spring only. (4 credits)
Class Time TR 2:00-3:15pm
Lab Time F 10:00-11:50am and 1:00-2:50pm
Location ECCR 200 (Lecture) and ITLL 2B10 (Lab)
Office Hours M 1:30-3:00 pm (or by appointment)
Syllabus ASEN 3200
Text Book Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students, Howard D. Curtis, 2010