Power User Installation Tips

The project can be configured and built from the command line via CMake. Command line operations are run using the following setup.py script and parameters:

python setup.py <command_1 command_2 etc.>

clean: removes ‘dist/build’ and build artifacts.

cmake: configure the project and generate an XCode project file to the dist directory. This parameter also installs Basilisk on your local path to be found along with other Python packages. This requires CMake command line version to be installed.

xcode: execute the project build scheme with XCode where the generated Basilisk python package is output to ‘dist3/’ or ‘dist/’.

test: run pytest on the Basilisk project. This parameter takes additional user options, via ‘pytest-args=’ to pass through to pytest.

docs: build the documentation with doxygen. The generated html documentation is found in src/html. This requires doxygen command line version to be installed.