Setup On Apple Computer with M1 Processor

These instructions allow you to run Basilisk on an Apple computer with the new arm64 architecture, such as with the M1 chip. All required BSK packages are now available on the arm64 platform with the regular pip3 install command. We still follow the same general setup as discussed in Setup On macOS. However, some extra steps are required and outlined below.

Install Python

The web site contains a Universal binary for Python 3.9. You can download the installer package there.

Using Homebrew

Install HomeBrew using a Terminal window as normal. The latest version 3.0 and up natively supports the M1 processor. You can use brew to install swig, cmake to support building Basilisk, and install doxygen to support building the Basilisk documentation. Note that cmake must be at least version 3.20 to propoerly setup the Xcode project for arm64.